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to tell me. well, fear of rejection, that's powerful. many a scientist has not published his work for fear of being ridiculed by his colleagues. you know, this isn't the first time i've received a love letter. when i published my first article in the american journal of mathematics, i was invited to spend the weekend at a bed-and-breakfast in santa barbara. yeah? did you go? of... i was 14. my mother had to break the news to a very embarrassed female professor at berkeley. ( laughs ): anyone i know? actually... ( knocking ) charlie, larry, how you doing? hey. how's the photo enhancement coming? the program's been running through the image we got from skylar wyatt's video cameras. this is what we have so far. that's not enough for a positive id. charlie: it's still working. that's great. we have something new for you to look at. it's related to the same case. now, we don't have an address, but we're trying to find out where this place is.
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i noticed that the basketball hoop was casting a shadow. i thought i read somewhere that you can calculate a location based on shadows. spherical astronomy. spherical astronomy. what's that? well, it's a way of looking at at the cosmos to define one's location on the earth. sailors use it when they're lost at sea. cosmologists use it when we're just plain lost. and it just happens to be the same math used with sundials. agent sinclair, you just happen to be talking to two card-carrying members of the north american sundial society. oh. let the good times roll. of course, for this to work now, you're going to need more than one photograph. just so happens... there you go. you're sure these time stamps are accurate? we think so. we need to measure the length of the pole as well as the shadows. well, the basketball hoop looks like
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it's regulation height. ten feet. yeah, and those are bricks right. on that driveway. bricks? how does that help? well, they're the same size. it allows us to measure the movement of the shadows. by measuring the length of the shadows against the bricks and then factoring in the exact times that these two images were snapped, the equation can then determine the altitude of the sun on a grid. then by mathematically overlaying these images, i can provide to you, with certainty, latitude and longitude down to a hundredth of a degree. ( knocks on door ) man: hold on a second! oh, man... well, if you're looking for dante, he's not here. actually, we're looking for you. me? you want to step outside, please?
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all right, what's this about? well, we've been looking at some pictures. of what? your house. yeah, and one of them actually happens to be a picture of you standing in skylar wyatt's backyard. [♪...] >> woman: moving is so much of who we are,
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it's easy to take it for granted. multiple sclerosis stops people... from moving. [♪...] we exist to make sure it doesn't. the national multiple sclerosis society is a collective of passionate individuals united by a common goal-- to address the challenges of each person whose life is affected by m.s. we believe that moving is not just something you can or can't do, but rather is who you are. that if you are alive, you move-- along with, because of, and in spite of-- the great big turning world. [♪...] join the movement. the national multiple sclerosis society at we know where they've taken her.
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shhhh! we're here to save the princess. but the princess is sleeping. sorry. imagine what a little time can do for your family. shhhh! the princess is sleeping. oh, sorry! excuse us. shhh-shh!
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it's not like you think it is. yeah? so why don't you tell us about this? which we found at your house. along with these. or do you go both ways? is that the problem, orville? look, we know you drove dante to skylar's house many times before that night. you knew that they were lovers, didn't you? come on. you told wilcox, right? i didn't say anything to him. oh, come on, orville. wilcox is on the top of a hill with a camera the night that your boss is going to have sex with skylar wyatt. is that just a coincidence?
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look, i didn't tell wilcox nothing about dante and skylar. understand me? nothing. all right, why don't you take a look at this? 'cause this puts him at your house the day he was killed. yeah, he was there. but it wasn't to meet me. so what are you saying, dante told him? why would dante do that? dante said he was banging this big pop star. only, if no one knows he's doing her, what good is it to him? what are you saying? he wanted pictures of him with the girl? he was using her. and afterwards, he'd talk trash about her. he didn't know her, he didn't care about her. not the way that you did? she was nice to me. dante would leave me in the kitchen when he went upstairs to be with her. sometimes she would come down and we would talk, you know. and then, when she had to leave, she would tell me i could help myself to whatever.
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and that's when you found the letters? i just wanted her to know that dante was using her. i just wanted to scare her. so you broke into her house. just to show her that she wasn't safe. you know, that she needed somebody to protect her... that she needed me. you had to kill the photographer to stop him from taking those pictures. no! no. i wasn't even there that night. i couldn't stand to be around anymore when d was with her. i was at a club all night. about a dozen people can vouch for me. we want assurances that whatever is said in this room remains confidential. yeah, well, that's not going to happen. well, then, i'd like the record to reflect that we met voluntarily and that we ended this meeting the same way. we're done. don: hold on, counselor. it's not a question of "if." we know he told wilcox. i mean, you think you're going have any street cred
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when the media finds out you sold skylar wyatt to the tabloids? you're taking this to a new level here, pal. how's "d bitch" sound? look, you can't prove that my client was the source of this tip. your client's cell phone records. three phone calls to jerry wilcox two weeks before the murder. what happened that night? why didn't you show up at skylar's? i did show up. it was skylar who wasn't there. yo, you got my cell phone records. i called wilcox from my hummer at skylar's house. i assume you people can triangulate the call. even if that's true, it still puts your client in the vicinity of the murder. all right, look, we suspect that you may eventually find forensic evidence that places my client at the crime scene. what do you mean, "at the crime scene"? i was there...
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but i didn't kill him. he was already dead. all right, then why don't you tell us all about it? i got to skylar's. she wasn't home. i waited. and then i tried to call wilcox to tell him it wasn't going to happen, and i didn't get an answer. so i drove up to mulholland where he was supposed to be. he was just laying on the ground. i could tell he wasn't breathing. so you just took off? i'm the one who had him up on that hill. i wanted those photographs to be seen. now why the hell would i kill him to stop him from taking them? i don't know, but we're going to find out. skylar... hello. can you give me a second, please? have you learned anything new? yeah, why don't we step over here? just spoke to dante. claims he was at your house the night of the murder. only he says you weren't there. well, maybe i didn't hear him. i told you i was tired that night. he also tipped wilcox off about the two of you.
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i can't say you look very surprised, skylar. you know he called five magazines that day, trying to start a bidding war for those pictures? megan: you did know that, didn't you? because one of those magazines is where your friend works. and she called you and told you what he was planning. we traced the call, skylar. you have any idea what it's like to be sold? to know that the man that you thought loved you had arranged to sell photos of... you and him having sex? so you were up there that night? i found wilcox, and i told him that i thought what he was doing was despicable. know what he did? he started snapping photos of me.
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so i grabbed his camera and... he fell to the ground. and he grabbed my ankle and he wouldn't let go. so i picked up his tripod... and i hit him over the head. he was just laying there. he was just moaning, trying to move. i ran. these people try to justify what they're doing by claiming that it's the price of fame. now one of them has to pay for a change. skylar, i need you to put your hands behind your back. let's go. turn around.
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( handcuffs clicking ) i can't retrofit a 1931 car with seat belts. why not? because it's not authentic to the period. well, i know that. what i meant was, it's authentic to this period. it's totally physics, larry. i mean, without a seat belt, you could get hurt even in a minor accident. look, if i'm in an accident in that car, i hope i don't survive. look, it's a love affair, me and that car. with affairs of the heart, you know, sometimes common sense gets thrown out the window. yeah, or through the windshield. hey, speaking of affairs of the heart, did you ever find out who sent you that anonymous note? oh, yeah, i was wondering about that. no, not yet. i think we could run a handwriting analysis against the school's records office. you know what? i've decided i don't need to know. oh, yes, you do. whoever it was, they chose not to sign it, maybe because they're just not ready to tell me. well, i think that's very wise. let your life retain some mystery. yeah. besides, you haven't figured out what to do with the girl you already know about. captioning sponsored by cbs
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and paramount network television captioned by media access group at wgbh
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in baseball, we're all trying to be winners, but we can't succeed unless we have the right skills, knowing how to make the right choices in difficult situations. in my job, it's all about being a team. in my family, we're also a team, and we try to make sure our kids make the right choices. if you feel like you need help when you don't have all the answers, call the girls and boys town national hotline-- 1-800-448-3000, tdd 1-800-448-1443.
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it'll definitely help you put together a winning team.
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and in more than 130 locations around the world, for american troops and their families, it's as close to home as you can be. fort worth, texas los angeles, california honolulu, hawaii the uso is how america supports her troops. it's how we say thank you to the men and women who have placed our fortunes and our families and our futures ahead of their own. the uso is a private, nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that relies on the generosity of the american people. san diego, california san antonio, texas, baby. pasadena, california. but for now, it's right here. find out how you can help. visit us at the uso. until every one comes home.
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we know where they've taken her.
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shhhh! we're here to save the princess. but the princess is sleeping. sorry. imagine what a little time can do for your family. shhhh! the princess is sleeping. oh, sorry! excuse us. shhh-shh! she shaped me as an actor, as a musician, as a human being. so when my mother was diagnosed with colon cancer, it was like our whole family got cancer.
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and she died when she was only 56, so this is personal. and hopefully my heartbreak is your wake-up call. colorectal cancer is the second leading cancer killer. but you can prevent this disease. screening finds precancerous polyps so they can be removed before they turn into cancer. i've been screened. if you think that you're at an increased risk, like i am, ask your doctor when to start screening. and if you're 50 or older, please get screened. i'd do anything to have my mother here. please do all you can to stay around for yourself and for your family. screening saves lives. i'm diahann carroll. when i was a young girl i dreamed of becoming an actress, singer, movie star it was not my dream
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to become a cancer patient. it wasn't ann marie's dream or judith's. but we've all survived cancer with the help of someone special- our stars. my husband bruce is my star he's my star. my son is my star. now the wellness community created our star campaign to honor the people who were there when we needed them most. my son drove me every day for over three months during my treatment. he'd even go out at midnight to get milkshakes. log on to star campaign dot org. meet our stars and share your own. it's a wonderful way to say. thank you. thank you. thank you. flood zone. rising waters threaten a wisconsin levee trapping residents who

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